Monday, March 21, 2016

The Death Adder Super Show Ep.4: HOT GARBAGE


  1. I shall be forever butthurt knowing those BS Vlogs are hidden from the unwashed masses. How can they learn true glory, the true way of life without Death Adder's guidance? #ForeverCryingInside

    For CF's high score challenge, I was going to limit myself to only good games after bearing Gradius and Spy Hunter, but since I used to have a shtick of hating anything I played, I feel it is time to bring back that segment by forcing myself to play every weekly challenge and complain about them. However, it'll be hard for Bubble Bobble because that majesty of a game is a classic.

    How was South Park: The Stick Of Truth? I asked in a different video, so I'll assume you didn't spot it. You mentioned buying it during your Mario Kart Clickity Clack and never mentioned it again.

    That D-X theme is showing it's Rage Against The Machine roots HARD. When the group was running their gimmick, I never realized it was such a rip off. What are themes you know for wrestlers that are clearly stolen from other songs?

  2. I almost forgot: What has been the laziest form of cooking you've done without using a microwave? Mine was adding a cup of Citrus Drop to some veggies I was steaming because I didn't want to get out of my chair.

  3. God damn it, these are some great questions, I'm going to need to dump out another episode next month now.

  4. "I don't want unlimited fun building things, I want meat sacks." -Deathadder 2016

  5. I will admit when I play games like Skyrim, I think of different plot point in "the verse" of mine. Lol I did the same when I would play Sims, its funny how much Sims is getting into games these days.

    Btw I am honored that you read my comment. Morrowind has dated graphics and some clunky interface, but it has also one of the biggest worlds to explore, I would recommend it.

    Its fun listening to you talk about pro wrestling. I used to love it in the first and second grade when Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan and Jake the Snake were big. I wanted some of the figures and the fighting ring, my friend had one, but I didnt, rather chose Turtles!

    Here is my questions of the week:

    -Please describe the ultimate game: Deathadder83 the game!
    -Have yo seen Batman V Superman, and if so what did you think?
    -When will you join us for a TNR Podcast recording?

    That is all brother, keep truckin!