Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Death Adder Super Show Ep.3: I ENJOY NUKA-COLA & KYLO REN

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  1. I thought I posted a comment, Since I listened to it already (excellent job btw). MAybe it didn't posted. but here goes man:

    A good mic I think is a good idea for podcast, even if it just for hobby purposes. I posted a comment to that video of you as miniadder. It reminded me of me and my bro playing the NES, good times. I used to do home movies all the time too with my friends, legos and action figures. Not sure if I will ever upload those, lol. Props to you man. Kitchen utensils can be cool too, I have been thinking about getting a nice grill to make some burgers. I really should get into the Fallout games again, I played some of 1 and 2. I got 3 too, but it has got issues working because of Games for Windows (aka Shames for Shitdows). I saw your video about your base. I liked the Theme Park comparison, used to play that on the PC, good times. Im a huge Elder Scrolls fan, played almost all of the core games through (except Arena, the first one but that will happen too). Yeah the Kaijit cats are funny for sure. I like the Norse and the Argonians alot. The Bosmer are kind of weird, did you ever play Morrowind the second Elder Scroll game? Only played Mario Party once, it isnt bad as a party game, I like that is a boardgame with minigames, altough there are other boardgame conversions out there that I prefer.

    I got too many names, lol. Name me what you will lol. Im writing this from the batcave we should hang in the Hall of Justice one of these days and hit on Wonder Woman lol. Thanks for the shoutout man! Yeah its pretty much a HDMI caple but I also have a long USB cable for my peripherals like my gamepad, mouse etc. Yeah C&C, Warcraft, Starcraft, Doom etc, those are the games that almost everyone played, including console fans.

    If you like we can play Doom over the PC in multiplayer. There is fan made multiplayer system called Zandronum and its a blast. You can get the Doom games dirt cheap on Steam or Gog, hit me up and we will play some.

    Your Star Wars review was great, I wrote my thoughts on the YT video when you posted it. I enjoyed the film too alot

    Anyway may the Force be with you!