Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Death Adder Super Show Ep.2: THE PS4 IS NEAT


  1. I may get a PS4 myself one day, altough I will probably get a PS2 next, then a PS3. You can play PC games from your chair with a gamepad, I might do a video to show how I do it. I think you and Balzak would enjoy the way how you can get ton of games for very little money, and as you said the best graphics. Red Alert used to be my chosen game for a long time and Warcraft RTS games are classics. Unless modern consoles are willing to have more keyboard and mouse support, I am not seeing more RTS games coming to them. I enjoyed your description of the "Fortress of Death". That was for sure a highlight for me. Especsially your descrition of your troops, like the Olivia Munn clone army and the adamantium sabertooth tiger.

    Now here is my question of the day: Were there older PC games you always wanted to check out, but werent able to at the time?

    1. I've got to resist the urge to reply to every comment after years of my autism making me, but I will have some answers for you.........NEXT EPISODE! Also, cheap plug, I've got this site now too.

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding.

    1. Don't you dare tease me with wanting a co-host. I would be down for that in a heart beat. Only way it could be any better is BurgerRider and DeathAdder. talk about a super show!

    2. I'm quite pleased you made the right choice with the PS4. PS4 is also doing some shady business with their gimmick of selling emulators, but their actual titles are good. My brother Scott got the PS4 near launch for his Call Of Duty and the PS3 1.5 analogy is pretty accurate right now. It reminded me of DVD vs Blu-Ray. Blu Ray is technically better but the improved visuals are more frightening than an enhancement to me.

    3. Nice save for the homophobia at the start of the recording. You can take the hic out of 'Bama.....if you know what I mean. Good stuff.

  3. Just finished it. Cool follow up to the first episode. Yeah you are right. PS4 seems waaay easier than getting a new PC. I have a pretty sweet build picked out for around 500 bucks but I have to assemble it myself and buy the pieces separately.