Monday, November 23, 2015

The Death Adder Super Show Ep.1: PILOT EPISODE


  1. I know this is kind of messy, any advice on anything is welcomed.

    But hope you guys enjoy it anyways!

  2. This is a great day in TNR history! Deathadder83 making a podcast. This will be awesome!!!

  3. We should totally talk about superhero shit on your show, Id be honored to be a guest! I disagree with Avengers Age of Ultron, even tough I agree some of the things didnt work as well. I myself enjoy the "schmalz" in the MCU movies, since it captures the insanity of the comics well. I agree the Hulk/Widow romance was lame, but I enjoyed Ultron as a villain since he is a classic Avengers villain, and I always have been a big fan of the Vision and Scarlet Witch and now we got them both. I thought the action was good, altough they are fighting just a bunch of faceless mooks again. I think Infinity War 1 and 2 will fix that since we will get Thanos. To be fair as you said I love these kind of movies, and I will admit I am fanboy of the MCU movies. Iron Man 3 is probably my least favorite. Flash gets better and better and it crosses over with Arrrow. Hell they made now Supergirl, which you may enjoy. I guess yeah there are alot of Superhero movies now, but I am thinking they only became trully good since the MCU started. Yeah the Incredible Hulk came after Iron Man and is part of the MCU. Tony Stark pops up in the end. You may enjoy the Captain America movies. The third one will be Civil War and will be most likely awesome and introduce the new Spidey. I didnt like the Andrew Garfield one, especsially the shitty sequel. Other wise I pretty much agree with you. We should discuss this in detail. I have seen the best of the best and the worst of the worst when it comes to Superhero movies.

  4. I dunno if you listened to the first Beastcast, but I cant listen to it. Hell many say the first 20 episodes are a rambling mess. I also edit only a little dont worry about it. CF told me, that one improves with time. I enjoy the format sofar and I want to hear more. I dont have any complaints myself, Kaiser also has used the Guitar Hero mic and the sound quality is decent. Rock on and continue this new chapter in the Adderverse. Some ideas for names of the podcast: Addercast, Deathcast, McGillicutty's Online radio extravaganza....

  5. A Guitar Hero/Sing It/Karaoke console microphone, the instrument of starting podcasts.

    For podcasts with bad hosts, I felt the same with Carolla. Used to like him, but when he kept using the same jokes and stories, only the guests redeemed it. Now I don't even listen because I can't be bothered fast forwarding to the part of the guest portion.

    Age Of Ultron was hella bad. I am bound to say some rude things about it, but I am tired of watching soap operas. Like when Iron Man first came out, I was entranced by most the movie, didn't care too much, and when the villain had the chance to kill Iron Man and had the intentions to kill, I lost all interest in the remaining 30 minutes. Been like that for every Marvel movie since the formula and has never changed.

    I want them to actually try and make it believable, and there are plenty of holes in the Dark Knight series if people want to use that as the bad side of being 'real', which those 3 weren't at all.

    I enjoyed your spoken word poem overall. Remind me of Homer, :p. Thanks and I hope for more Deathadder BS in podcast form instead of video log.

  6. @TheGamingBeast, I do listen to the BeastCast, I might miss a few here and there do to so many internets, but it is a quality program! I wouldn't mind having guests at some point, but that will probably be down the road, since I just figured out that audacity program. Oh god, I almost forgot about my brief lived Lance McGillicutty persona lol, I tried to think up the 2 worst names when my troll Facebook account forced that name change on everybody. I was thinking the DeathAdder Super Show, but didn't know if I wanted to change my name altogether, perhaps go by Big Bad Booty Daddy or some such non-sense. I am actually watching The Flash right now 10/10, I think I left Gotham and SHIELD off of the list making it 6 current super hero shows on Netflix, and yes I really want to watch Supergirl.

    @Swingle, thanks man! Yeah I've never been a huge fan of being on camera, even to this day, and with a podcast I can feel slightly more relaxed and have better audio which are perks. I'm extremely late to the Podcast Party, but I figure it's worth trying on.

  7. Thanks for the kind words man. Gotham is a cop out (pun intended). While it is set in Gotham City we will never see Batman. Its a show about commissioner when he just started. Its a cop show plain and simple with some young versions of the Batman villains there. The most retarted thing of the show is that almost all Batman villians in this universe will be in their 50s when Batman starts his career. We know Batmans true strength. He is fighting out of shape middle aged men, when he is in his prime. Sigh. I stopped watching after 3 shows, it was lame. Still watching Shield, its okay, but not great. I's got some good episodes, but if they would be allowed X-Men this show would be better. I'ts cool tough that they are making the Inhumans be their Mutant replacement. They are doing that in the comics too. I stop rambling, lol.

  8. Deathadder! Looks like you are the talk of the town man! I listened to the whole thing and here are a few comments "man that is very artificially flavored". One thing I want to emphasize is something you did right. Making notes that are very simple and vague. All you really need is a couple bullet points about general topics you want to cover. Something I learned the hard way is to not go too in to detail about all the sub points before the mic goes on. Bear this in mind: the story is only good for air the first time you tell it. If you make a great point off the air and try to retell it while recording, it wont go as well. Because of this you just want to outline a few basic points and then let it flow. Based on this first recording I can say that your charismatic enough to fill in the gaps with one thing or another even if you don't realize it while your making the recording. The only thing I want to caution you about is the use of temporary names. Working titles have a tendency to stick permanent even when they weren't meant to. To this I refer you to the TV series "That 70s Show" which was a behind the scenes working title that they were using until they could think up a good name. (They were originally planning to call it Teenage Wasteland but they couldn't get the rights to that name since its a song from the Who, but that's another story)

    I also think it's worth it to make some kind of introduction even if its only a few seconds, especially if you are going to cut right to a song. This serves as a means to let the listener know what they are in for. If you cut right to Guns and Roses, it kinds sounds like some kinda mix tape from the late 1990s on cassette. I'm not saying you have to get all fancy and ham it up like a jackass, unless thats your style, all you have to do is spend 10 seconds of air time saying "Your listening to Deathadders Super Show, I'm Steve your host. Catch this track, then we'll talk some shit". Then the listener knows that the song serves as sort of an extra feature to a larger production.

    All the core elements that make a great future podcast are here. I hope you keep making these. Also watch using the T&A on the thumbnail. If thats what speaks to you artistically, go for it, but it prohibits me and possibly others from listening at work. Just some tips to bear in mind.

    "That is artificially flavored."

  9. @Critical Failure, Awesome man, I appreciate the listen and the tips!

    I knew right off the bat that throwing a song in people's faces as soon as they start it up was a bit much, but I will try and have some sort of intro in with the next episode or 2.

    The title of the show and my name are tricky, I should probably just stick to DeathAdder at this point though. I should also point out that Steve "Mongo" McMichael was a former mildly retarded pro wrestler guy. I'm not against using my real first name, it's actually in a couple of my old YT videos I believe, but I kind of feel like with all things internet, the less personal information you give away, the better, ya know.

    I don't normally use half naked lady click bait for my videos, but I figured it would get a couple extra eyes on it. I haven't decided on what I'm going to do for future podcast pics, could be more nude broads.......could be hilarious animals.

    Might do another episode in a month or so, give me some time to build up topics.

  10. Just finished listening to it and got to say, it was not that bad for a first podcast. Audio quality was pretty fine and there was barely any dead air in it which is astounding for a first episode that is done solo?

    Some complaints could be that you did not really have many topics to talk about. Then again, it was a first episode so I guess that is understandable. Just do what Jerry suggests and keep a list of bullet points of topics you can talk about.

    Also, I cannot really comment on Superhero anything. Last Superhero anything I saw was the Avengers a year ago and it was just fine. Never really had any urge to watch the sequel and listening to what you said about it, I am not missing much.

    Anyways, might as well send in my question right here for the next episode. I am typing this comment on Black Friday and am wondering if you snagged any deals? I went to Best Buy & Walmart an hour ago looking for a tablet and they were all sold out. So I guess I will wait till Cyber Monday to see if they have any decent deals online.

  11. @Balzak yeah man, you and everyone is welcome to shoot in some questions or things you read want read on "the air" here or under the video promoting it on my YT channel. I actually did snag a "10/10 Would Bang Deal" that I will discuss next episode!

  12. Then second question. What are your thoughts on PC gaming and have you ever tried to get into it? Asking since I have been kind of interested in building a brand new PC that is specifically for gaming. However, playing on a console just feels more natural to me which is why I am eyeing up a PS4 more than a new gaming PC. It will be a while though for me to make that decision so no worries. Maybe in the future, Steam Machines could improve so I can get the best of both worlds.

  13. Forget All-Gen Gamers, forget Lords of Thunder, forget Pewdiepie, this is the real shit right here. DAP (DeathAdder Podcast) 4 Life.

  14. @RetroKaiser Thanks Retro bro! You know, All-Gen Gamer's very own Gamester81 actually hand wrote me a letter of congratulations,although it's just the word "COOL" written with a green crayon several times until the pages started to rip.

    Gamester81 said Pete started to write one, but as soon as he turned his back, children started to flee from his closet, and he had to recapture them.

    Ah fuck it, I'll do one for Henie too, he was going to write one as well but as soon as he stood up his face turned beet red and he passed out.